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Our Purpose
NewEarth Strategy Consulting brings a unique strategic management consulting experience to entrepreneurs, private and public organizations, and non-profits.

Our approach is to target specific critical business challenges and opportunities, craft practical solutions in partnership with our customer, and support our customer in seeing them through successful implementation.

We measure our success by the tangible results our implemented solutions produce.

Contact NewEarth Strategy today and let's explore how we can help you unlock your organization's potential.

Our Mission

"NewEarth Strategy's mission is to empower our clients to transform their organizations into sustainable, streamlined, thriving centers of excellence."

Our Principles

1.  Find the root - continue to peel back the layers of issues until the real cause is identified
2.  Be practical - each solution must be implementable in practice
3.  Advocate - always act in our customer's best interest
4.  Persist - remain committed to finding the best solution
5.  Be efficient - endeavor to never expend client or organizational resources unnecessarily
6.  Be accessible - life and competition do not wait; neither should our client
7.  Be creative - each client is unique in purpose and culture.  Start each engagement with a blank sheet of paper
8.  Have fun - thrive by doing what you enjoy and finding joy in what you do